Assisting Christian families in rearing their children to be lifelong learners who, with wisdom and beauty, shape and influence their world for Christ.

  • Knowing that our children are in an environment that allows them to grow in virtue, goodness, and truth brings us joy and peace. Their hearts are being influenced by amazing teachers who model these characteristics as they teach subjects they are passionate about, making learning fun and interesting. Our children love the friends they’ve made over the years and we, the parents, have loved fellowshipping with like-minded families. We couldn’t imagine sending our kids anywhere else! We love JECA!


    Tiffany & Jeremy Mansfield

  • ​​Jonathan Edwards Classical Academy is a special place, a place where our girls can thrive and where like-minded parents join in community with teachers who are passionate about instilling the tools to develop a love of life-long learning. Christianity is not an add-on to the academic programs; Christianity is the beginning, middle, and end of the JECA environment. We are convinced that our girls have developed skills that far outpace so many of their peers because the classical Christian model is the absolute best educational method. The school’s focus on truth, beauty, and goodness provides them with the ideas, attitudes, and qualities that will enable them to have a flourishing life. Our girls have enjoyed warm friendships with their classmates and cannot wait to go to school. Homework is challenging and something to be embraced, not an arbitrary obstacle to be overcome. We give JECA our strongest recommendation.


    ​​Frank and Jean Gorgie​

  • The reason I think JECA is a great school is it has great teachers, our friends are good, it’s a Christian school, and the work is good.


    2nd Grader

  • Driving over 40 miles one way to get to school seemed insane, until we visited JECA. Here we encountered a community of families and teachers who have made our first year rich and fulfilling. Our children come home each day with words of praise instead of complaint. They are excited about their work. One of them said, “It’s great! We actually learn stuff here.” Another told me, “The teachers actually care about us!” We no longer have to fight against what our kids learn at school. We now have the great gift of an entire school family working alongside us as we seek to educate the hearts and minds of our children.


    Gene and Damaris King

  • We asked our 6th grade daughter what she loved about JECA. She made a list: 1) The warm friendly welcome I received my first day by my classmates, 2) The kindness of the teachers and the way they push me to be better and do my best, 3) friendships I have, and 4) my classmates don’t take sides in arguments, but try to encourage both sides to work out our disagreements.

    Those comments are simple enough, but consider the opposite of each and the appreciation is immense. My wife and I are so thankful for JECA and for many of the same reasons that our daughter mentioned, above. We have seen a common theme of Christ-filled children from the beginning. The school family truly encourages and shows God’s love to one another. These are simple concepts from Scripture, but I would consider them more than rare in a room full of 6th grade girls. We’ve seen the same love in the staff helping us as parents mold the character of our precious young gifts for God’s glory in so many areas that matter beyond a simple grade. All the while they challenge our children academically, meeting and exceeding our expectations. While there is no perfect school this side of eternity, we praise God for the harmonic balance spiritually and academically at JECA! In summary – you see JESUS at JECA in the students and faculty. Praise God for JECA!


    Clint and Karen Burns

“Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” - Proverbs 22:6