Capital Campaign

Campus Improvements

JECA is in the enviable position among private, Christian schools of having procured our own building. As of October of 2014, we have been in the process of renovating and revitalizing our campus in both function and beauty.

Our vision for the property is that it will become a tangible extension of the values we hold dear. We want truth, beauty, and goodness to not only infuse the culture of the school and teaching within the classrooms but also extend to the environment where that culture lives and the teaching happens. Jackson Hollow will, in both the near term and long term, serve that purpose.

There are many improvements we desire to make in the coming months at the property. We encourage you to give alongside us.

If these things were for our own personal gain, we would not be so forthright, but these things are for Kingdom work, and the need is both immediate and great.

Our highest aim in asking you for help is not that you give because we are asking, but that you learn about our vision and our mission, love it, and then want to give from your abundance. Come visit our school to learn more. You will quickly see that JECA is unlike any education you’ve ever known before.

Email for more information about how to help.