The Grammar School

Igniting Hearts, Inciting Wonder

JECA’s Grammar School is comprised of Kindergarten through 6th-grade students. In the grammar stage of the Trivium, students learn the rudimentary skills of reading, writing, and arithmetic and develop a base of knowledge that will serve as a foundation for lifelong study.

The grammar stage focuses on the practical and tangible aspects of each discipline. Its goal is to satisfy a child’s desire to observe and comprehend the world through concrete terms and established facts. Thus, study in the grammar stage revolves around the presentation and explanation of what is.

The grammar stage should not be understood as the memorization stage, though a great deal of memorization is involved. Instead, the grammar stage should be understood as a time of focused attention to the way things are and the way things are done. It seeks to establish truth as fixed and absolute. It avoids the early introduction of abstract thought and abstract concepts, recognizing that in order for a competent analysis of how or why a thing is, a person must first understand what that thing is.

The goal of the grammar stage is the full comprehension and correct execution of learned skills and principles on behalf of each student.

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