Archer Athletics


This year marked our very first season of basketball. While currently in its foundational stages, we hope to build a solid program that will continue to flourish in success moving forward. Starting next season, JECA will offer basketball to middle school and high school boys.

At the heart of our basketball program is discipleship and mentorship. We use the game of basketball to equip boys in such a way that they mature into manhood—as a team—with each passing season. Basketball is but a tool for developing these boys into young men who understand teamwork, dedication, commitment, honor, and respect. Winning games and scoring points isn’t what we are seeking most—though we clearly want to win each game we play and make each shot we take. Our deepest desire is that the players will love Jesus more, respect each other and authorities more, and invest in their learning more simply by being a part of one of our teams.

We host a basketball camp each summer for any boy interested. When necessary, due to roster limitations, we “red shirt” certain players.

The team is coached by Pastor Jeremy Rose, assisted by some of the players’ fathers. We are considering a head coaching position for the middle school boys’ team. If you are interested, please contact our athletic director, Mrs. Brandy Fentress.

Cross Country

Cross Country was JECA’s first athletic program. This fall, our team completed its third season with about 20% of the school running.  The team is coached by Mrs. Brandy Fentress, and it competes on three different levels: third and fourth grade members run a race distance of one mile; middle schoolers (fifth-eighth graders) run a race distance of one and a half miles; and high schoolers run a race distance of three miles. Runners practice independently during the summer, and the team practices together three times per week from August-October. Meets are held once a week at various locations around Nashville. We participate in meets through our athletic conference, the TNCAA. We also offer a team for K-2nd grade runners which has a strong participation. The K-2nd team is coached by Pastor Andrew Blondo.

Preparation for cross country begins in the spring. Please make inquiry early on if you are a new family considering joining the Cross Country team.


Golf is JECA’s newest athletic program. Currently in its fledgling stages, our middle school and high school teams are co-ed and open to players of all skill levels. Our team practices and plays at Highland Rim Golf Course, located in Joelton just 15 minutes north of our campus. The team is coached by Mr. Nathan Haney, assisted by Mr. Alex Warren. Our inaugural season is set to get underway in April.


JECA has one year of girls’ volleyball in the books. We currently offer volleyball for 5-8th grade, and the season runs from August through October. Our girls started from scratch this year and learned the basics in the beginning. It was a profitable season of growth.

The team is coached by Mr. and Mrs. David King.

"Whatever your hand finds to do, do with all your might." ~ Ecclesiastes 9:10