Thursday Update and Giveaway!

Did someone say, “free toilet paper?!”

Thursday Update and Giveaway!


Jenn Casterline

March 19, 2020
I popped into at least five classes for a few minutes. I’m so appreciative of what I was seeing. These early pop-in for students can ease a lot of anxiety about what’s coming in the next few weeks. Digital car line was fun, too. I’m not doing car line tomorrow, but we will do it again when we resume in April.
  1. This week there were too many emails. We will be solidifying a central online classroom where each class and teacher can have all their links/PDFs/assignments.
  2. Our expectation is that beginning April 6th our live (synchronous) classes will be recorded so students experiencing technical or practical difficulties can return to rewatch afterwards.
  3. There were some streaming difficulties but they seemed minimal. Let me know if you experienced trouble.
  4. Many of the younger students are using parental devices and that is understandable. But we need students to use real, identifying screen names (esp. hilarious upper schoolers attempting to prove their hilarity).
  5. Please send me email to offer any feedback/difficulties from today’s tech/class experiences. Aren’t you glad yet that we aren’t trying to carry on with every class?


  1. Tomorrow the building will be open during regular school hours like it was today. You may come get what you need.
  2. Office hours next week will be 10a-12p. Families should only come during that time. Faculty and staff are primarily working from home.
  3. We will have about 20 Chromebooks available to loan. Please email me if you would like to reserve one. Preference will be given to older students and larger families who are having trouble with logistics. You will be able to come pick those up during the week next week beginning on Tuesday.
  4. Reminder: The master plan for the coming weeks should be in your hands by Wednesday.
  5. If you are having trouble finding toilet paper, each family may come get 10 rolls from JECA. Seriously. Glad to help.

God has been so good to us. None of our school family has tested positive for COVID-19, and we have still been keeping it at bay. We are expecting some level of infection in our school family. It seems inevitable. Please continue to pray for good health for all.

Thanks, all.

Mr. Boomershine