A Thrilling Announcement to Begin 2018

A Thrilling Announcement to Begin 2018


Jenn Casterline

January 24, 2018

The JECA friends and family are faithfully supportive of our school in prayer, and I wanted you to hear how God is doing His good work here and providing for us. He is answering our prayers.

Like almost every school, tuition and fees cover only a portion of our yearly expenses. We rely on gifts from friends and families to fill the gap and then to allow us to make capital improvements. For nine years, as our budget grows, the gap has grown. For nine years, the Lord has provided. Including again this year.

I am humbled to announce to you a $100,000 gift JECA received this month.

The donating family loves our school. They have given the gift with no restrictions, but they long for it to be used to free the school to perform our simple, beautiful mission of “assisting Christian families in rearing their children to be lifelong learners who, with wisdom and beauty, shape and influence their world for Christ.” They desire to remain anonymous.

School friends and family, this is what we pray for. This is how we survive and thrive as a school. This sort of giving is what will enable us to look forward and continue to build. This is the giving that enables us to hire and retain such a stellar faculty and staff. This is the giving that begets more giving.

To be clear, every prayer you offer is a gift to our school. Every Facebook post in which you praise your child’s teacher is a gift. Every time you refer us to a like-minded family is a gift. Every check for $17.03 is a gift. Every monthly recurring donation is a gift I personally get especially giddy over.

The science of giving is fascinating, and it consistently concludes that using our money to benefit others is the most satisfying thing we can do with it. Funding and supporting Kingdom-minded, Gospel-soaked missions should be a primary (not secondary or tertiary) use of our strength, time, and fruit. What JECA is doing at this campus in this special way is exceptionally difficult to find anywhere else. If you would like to learn more about ways to pray or give to JECA, we would welcome an opportunity to show you.

This gift is some of what is needed on a yearly basis to do this work. When it comes in lump sums like this it brings relief and joy and is a cause of great thanksgiving. Rejoice with us.

Mr. Boomershine