Faculty & Staff

We are educators, philosophers, poets, and dreamers empowering students to be lifelong learners.

Upper School Math and Science

Jasmin Agyemang

Mrs. Agyemang is a native to Nashville. She has a Master's Degree from Tennessee State University. She has taught previously in public and private school settings, and she began teaching science at JECA since 2017. She and her husband Yaw live in Lebanon and have three girls at JECA.

Events and Aesthetics

Christie Boomershine

Mrs. Boomershine has been a constant presence and positive influence on JECA since the founding. She has committed steady regular time every week to the work of the school, especially time spent developing relationships, serving the faculty, and developing the school's aesthetic tastes and consistency.


Ryan Boomershine

Mr. Boomershine has degrees from Bob Jones University in Counseling/Psychology (B.A.) and Educational Administration (M.S.). He has been with JECA since its founding in 2009. He and his wife Christie have five children at JECA. They live in Goodlettsville.

5th Grade

Patrick Brown

Mr. Brown graduated from Union University with a degree in Biblical Studies and Languages (B.A.) and The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary with a degree in Christian Ministry (M.Div.). He enjoys calm mornings with coffee and a book, fishing in a creek, and time with his family. He has been with JECA since 2015.

Caretaker / PE

Bruce Clark

Mr. Clark has a degree in K-12 Education from David Lipscomb University. He is passionate about physical fitness and nutrition and enjoys teaching others about the benefits of staying healthy. Bruce also raises cattle on a small farm in Old Hickory. The Clarks have been with JECA since 2015.

Guidance Counselor

Julie Clark

Mrs. Clark has a Psychology and Family Studies degree from Western Kentucky University and holds an M.A. in Counseling from Trevecca Nazarene University. She has worked with adolescents and families since 1995. She finds joy in singing, studying God's Word, and laughing with her family. She and Bruce live in her childhood home in Madison with their four children.

2nd Grade / Fine Arts Coordinator

Lauren Cunningham

Ms. Cunningham has earned a B.A. in Voice Performance and a Master's in Church Music, and she utilizes her degrees as JECA’s Fine Arts Coordinator. She has a passion for the arts and loves reading great books and listening to great music outside of school. She has been modeling learning and joy with young learners at JECA since 2012.

Administrative Assistant

Rita Elders

Mrs. Elders joined the JECA family in 2015. She and her husband Robb live in Goodlettsville. They have three children and seven grandchildren.

4th Grade / Athletic Director

Brandy Fentress

Mrs. Fentress graduated from Austin Peay State University with a degree in Elementary Education. In addition to teaching, Mrs. Fentress also serves as JECA's Athletic Director. Mrs. Fentress and her husband Jake live in Greenbrier with their two children. She has been with JECA since 2014.


Kimberly Gambill

Mrs. Gambill graduated from Indiana University with degrees in Business Administration (B.S) and Computer Science (A.S.). She is happily married to Stephen, a pastor at Reformed Baptist Church of Nashville. They live in Madison with their two children, Hannah and Joshua. She has been with JECA since 2009.

Advancement Director

Karen Gosnell

Mrs. Gosnell has been charged with assisting the board in establishing JECA's roots for the long-term. She and her husband Patrick live in Pleasant View and have two daughters. She has previously worked in a large classical Christian school in Texas and comes knowing and loving our mission and vision. She has been with JECA since 2018.


Abbie Graham

Mrs. Graham joined JECA in 2018 as registrar. She and her husband Adam live in Nashville with their three children. They attend Ethos Church.

Music and Choir

Lauren Gray

Mrs. Gray teaches music history, theory, appreciation, and performance at all grade levels at JECA. Every student receives instruction from her two days per week. She lives in Antioch with her husband Matt and their children. She has been on faculty since 2017.

Language Arts & Literature / Head of Logic & Rhetoric School

Nathan Haney

Mr. Haney graduated from Belmont University with a degree in English Literature (B.A.). He enjoys sipping French-pressed coffee, watching great films, and admiring the flight of a well-struck golf ball. He lives in Madison with his wife Angie and their son Ford. He has been with JECA since 2013.

6th Grade

Erin Hoffman

Mrs. Hoffman joins JECA to teach for the 2nd time in 2018. She was our first Kindergarten teacher during our founding year, and she has served in various capacities since then. She and her husband Dave live in Greenbriar. They are parents to eight children and grandparents to three. They worship at Calvary Baptist in Joelton.


Leah Jordan

Mrs. Jordan is a full-time college student joining JECA part-time as a teacher aide. She attended JECA for two years as a student, and she is the first student to return to work for us during the school year. She began in 2018.

School Secretary

Katy Hornbeck

Mrs. Hornbeck lives in White House with her husband Eric and their two children. They are members at Redeemer Church in Hendersonville. She began working at JECA in 2018. She will smile if you ask her for her Enneagram number.

School Librarian

Caroline Jantz

Mrs. Jantz joined JECA in 2018. She has degrees from Furman in political science and Latin and a Master's Degree from Trevecca Nazarene University in Library Science. She lives in Nashville with her husband John and their two young children. The Jantzes are members of Midtown Fellowship.

Upper School Literature, Logic and History

Damaris King

Dr. King graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in English. She read Shakespeare, British common law, Tudor-Stuart history, and British architecture at Oxford University, England and received her J.D. from Washington & Lee University. She lives in Greenbrier with her husband Eugene, daughter Morgan, and son Alex. She has been with JECA since 2016.

History and Latin

Eugene King

Professor King has extensive experience teaching almost every grade of primary and secondary education as well as on the college level. He joined us in 2017 to lead the way in upper school history and Latin classes. Professor King is married to Damaris, and he has been teaching at JECA since 2017.

Upper School Bible / Head of Grammar School

David King

Having earned several degrees in Bible, Mr. King delights in helping Christian young people build a godly foundation for their lives. He has taught at JECA since 2011 and currently teaches most 7-12th Bible classes. He also serves administratively as the Head of Grammar School. Mr. King is married to Jill, and they live in Joelton with their three children.

Kindergarten/Enrollment Coordinator

Jill King

Mrs. King has her degree in Elementary Education and has been teaching for 16 years. The Kings have been with JECA since our inaugural year (2009), and Jill has been serving as the lead Kindergarten teacher (MWF) at JECA since 2010.

Grammar School Math and Science

Debby Layman

Mrs. Layman graduated with a B.S. in education from Bob Jones University. She and her husband Carl live in Old Hickory and have three children. She began teaching part-time at JECA in 2010.

1st Grade

Beth Morrow

Mrs. Morrow joined JECA in 2017. She earned an elementary education degree from Murray State University and has since spent nine years in various teaching roles. Beth is married to Ben and they live in Hendersonville with their three kids. Her favorite things in these shadowlands are watching her children play in the rain, reading, sipping coffee with too much flavored creamer, guacamole, and helping children develop a love for reading good stories.

Upper School Math and Science

Holly Randa

Mrs. Randa graduated from the University of North Dakota with degrees in chemistry and mathematics and from the University of Utah with a masters degree in theoretical chemistry. She joined JECA in 2015. Mrs. Randa is married to Alan, and they have four boys.


Jill Rose

Mrs. Rose lives in Whites Creek with her husband Jeremy and their four children. They are members at Axis Church in Nashville.

3rd Grade

Lindsey Rose

Mrs. Rose has earned an elementary education degree from Liberty University and has previous experience teaching elementary age students. She has an strong interest and experience in building strong readers. She began teaching at JECA in 2017. She and her husband Josh live in Madison with their three girls. They attend Resonate Church.


Jami Shumate

After earning a BFA in studio art, Mrs. Shumate began working as a designer and wall muralist. Since 2002, she has taught drawing, painting, printmaking, clay, and art history to students of all ages. Mrs. Shumate has been with JECA since 2012.

Upper School German and Science

Jennifer Smithfield

Mrs. Smithfield began teaching German to upper schoolers at JECA in 2017. She has degrees from the University of Memphis in German and Microbiology. Most of her professional career has been spent in scientific research and technical writing. She is married to Bill, and they have one daughter. Besides her love of all things equestrian, she enjoys books, theology, music, various crafts, and Oxford commas. The Smithfields live in Springfield.

Kindergarten Enrichment

Lisa Ward

Mrs. Ward has a degree in early childhood education and is a long-time homeschool mom. She teaches Kindergarten two days a week. She and her husband Ben attend Reformed Baptist Church of Nashville. They have 4 children and recently moved to Goodlettsville from Lebanon.

2nd Grade

Jenna Wilson

Mrs. Wilson has worked at JECA since 2016. She is married to Christian and has a twin boy and girl in the grammar school. Mrs. Wilson teaches ballet club after school three days a week to more than 30 students.

"A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops." - Henry Adams